Business Law Term Paper Topics


  1. Internet gambling
  2. Pizza Hut v. Papa Johnís Pizza
  3. Microsoft Anti-Trust case
  4. Privacy of email and/or other Internet privacy issues
  5. Tort reform: good or bad
  6. Computers and free speech
  7. Napster
  8. Pornography and obsenity on the Internet
  9. Anti-trust: Why does Major League Baseball enjoy exclusion from anti-trust laws?
  10. Is the $250,000 maximum punitive damage award for medical malpractice claim under California law fair and just?
  11. Water law
  12. Should our legal system allow crime victims to sue their alleged wrongdoers for the same conduct that led to criminal charges?
  13. Our legal system generally does not allow parties to collect for attorneyís fees while in England the general rule is to allow the prevailing parties to collect their attorneys fees.
    1. Our legal system is based on the common law of England, why has the U.S. not followed this common law tradition. 
    2. Which system do you think is better?
  14. U.S Court slaps price fixing injunction on OPEC.  Will there be any remedies for this injunction. 
  15. Courts discharging debt related to asbestos.  Recently, W.R. Grace filed for Chapter 11 protection against these lawsuits.  Is this a proper function of the bankruptcy court?
  16. China recently entered into the WTO, however, U.S. businesses are wary about the enforcement in Chino of the WTO.  Is their wariness justified?
  17. The IRS now requires corporations participating in certain corporate shelters that they have declared illegitimate to file information returns concerning their activities deem illegitimate.  What does this system encourage and should it be continued?
  18. Is a chicken plant a public nuisance?  Does the waste and buzzards circling the place make it liable for million of dollars in fines?
  19. Recently a lawsuit was filed against Omaha Steaks, a mail order steak company, because a consumer watchdog group says they irradiate their meat and donít tell consumers.  Are they obligated to tell consumers, and if so where does the information requirements end?
  20. GM has recently decided to stop including roll over warnings in their SUV vehicles.
21.  Lawyers for Allstate Insurance Co. told the Washington state Supreme Court that an adjuster encouraging a client to take a $25,000 settlement without consulting a lawyer did not constitute the illegal practice of law.  Do you agree with this case?  

22.  The California Supreme Court has declined to hear a lower court case allowing automobile insurers to charge different rates based upon a personís home address. 

23.  Entertainer Defamed.

24.  Software Piracy

25.  The Death Penalty: Is it still Constitutionally legal?  

26.  Is lethal injection cruel and unusual punishment when the person being sentenced to death is a former drug user with bad veins? 

27.  Is cloning legally, ethically and morally right or wrong?

28.  Bankruptcy Fraud

29.  Employment Discrimination

30.  Sexual harassment in the work place: how both sexes can avoid it?

31.  Should a Hollywood Studio be entitled to sue an online retailer of banned DVD copying software?